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VOL. II, No. 670 - Archive
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Google launched more than 1,600 new changes in search last year

Google has been busy with 1,653 launches, 9,800 live traffic experiments, 18,015 side-by-side experiments and 130,336 search quality tests. Search Engine Land

Google Home now helps you cook over 5 million recipes

Google partners with Bon Appetit, The New York Times, Food Network and others to bring millions of recipes to the Google Assistant. Search Engine Land

IAB: Paid search was 48 percent of total digital spend in 2016

Spending declined on the desktop but grew by nearly $6 billion overall because of mobile. Search Engine Land

Simple tips to get your app indexed, ranked & installed

Got an app you'd like to promote? Columnist John Lincoln provides some basic tips for helping your app to appear in Google's "app pack" search results. Search Engine Land

Google Adjusts Ranking Signals to Demote Fake News

Google is making serious efforts to filter fake news, which the company says is its “most high profile” issue. Search Engine Journal

Is Google testing its own jobs search engine?

In the market for a new job? Google appears to be testing a new search feature just for you. Search Engine Land

Google doodle celebrates Marie Harel, the inventor of Camembert cheese

Check out the cheesy Google logo on their home page today. Search Engine Land

Report: Google Assistant bests rivals for questions answered and overall accuracy

Cortana was second for questions answered, Alexa second-best for accuracy. Search Engine Land

6 key paid search trends from Merkle’s Q1 2017 report

Here's a look at what's happening with Shopping ads, expanded text ads, device bidding and more. Search Engine Land

Facebook Tests Showing More Related Articles

Facebook is running a test that shows you related stories before you click on an article in your News Feed. Search Engine Journal

Advertisers get claim notices for Google’s $22.5M settlement over ads on parked domains

The settlement stems from a case that dates back to 2008 about Google ads showing on error pages and parked domains. Search Engine Land

Keyword tiering: A systematic way to juggle your AdWords priorities

Columnist Jacob Baadsgaard explains how assigning paid search keywords into different tiers based on performance allows search marketers to quickly make adjustments that can have a huge impact on [...] Search Engine Land

SEO Agencies Spamming Google? Google Would Take A "Fair Look"

Did you know that Google is willing to review random SEO agencies to see if their SEO practices are fair and within their guidelines? I didn't think Google spent the time doing that... Search Engine Roundtable

Cassini spacecraft’s grand finale at Saturn depicted in Google doodle

Google's out-of-this-world doodle depicts the Cassini Spacecraft taking a photo shoot of Saturn and its rings. Search Engine Land

Google: Building A Better Website Indirectly Helps Google Rankings

Google has said time and time again, they want to rank the best and most relevant content and web site for the query... Search Engine Roundtable