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VOL. III, No. 817 - Archive
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SEO 101: Which URL versions to add to Google Search Console

Can you really afford to miss out on free technical data about your website's performance in Google search results? Of course not! Contributor Fili Wiese explains how to set up your website in Google [...] Search Engine Land

Export Google Search Console’s ‘Index Coverage’ Report

Site owners can now export data contained in Google Search Console’s Index Coverage report. Search Engine Journal

Now You Can ‘Snooze’ Instead of Unfollow Others on Facebook

Facebook has introduced a new option for muting people and pages which is a little less anti-social than unfollowing them. Search Engine Journal

Autumn equinox 2017 Google doodle returns mouse featured the 1st day of spring & summer

Google keeps its seasonal doodle theme for today's arrival of fall. Search Engine Land

How long does it take to deindex low-quality or thin content published by accident? [case study]

Is mistakenly published content impacting your site's SEO performance? Columnist Glenn Gabe shares a case study detailing how to fix this issue -- and how long it may take to resolve once fixed. Search Engine Land

Google is making strides with Google My Business 

Though Google My Business isn't perfect, columnist Brian Smith believes that recent updates and added features illustrate Google's commitment to making the platform work for local business owners. Search Engine Land

Google Merchant Center Now Finds ‘Opportunities’ for Improving Campaigns

Google has rolled out some updates to Merchant Center to help Google Shopping advertisers prepare for the holiday season. Search Engine Journal

3 AdWords extensions now eligible for call-only ads

Account-level extensions will be eligible to display automatically with the ad type. Search Engine Land

3 ways to improve link equity distribution and capture missed opportunities

You've worked hard to accumulate as much link equity as possible from external sources, but is your internal linking structure diluting that equity? Columnist Chris Long details how to reclaim your [...] Search Engine Land

Bing Ads Rolls Out Account Level Ad Extensions

Bing Ads will now allow advertisers to set ad extensions for all campaigns at the account level. Search Engine Journal

Bing Fights Fake News With ‘Fact Check’ Label

Bing joins Google in the fight against fake news with the inclusion of the “Fact Check” label in search results. Search Engine Journal

Stay Connected Locally With Google’s Community Updates

Google’s new Community Updates can help you keep up with what’s going on in your local community. Search Engine Journal

AdWords Editor update supports Shopping Showcase Ads

Create and edit the newest Shopping ad format in Editor. Search Engine Land

Pinterest Hits 200M Users, + New Features on the Way

Pinterest has hit a milestone of 200 million monthly active users, which represents a 40% growth since last year. Search Engine Journal

Twitter’s ‘Popular Articles’ Shows What Your Connections are Tweeting About

A new addition to Twitter, called ‘Popular Articles,’ will show you the top articles your connections are tweeting about. Search Engine Journal