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VOL. II, No. 528 - Archive
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Google Adds “Buy e-Book” Options to Book Knowledge Panels

Google has launched new “buy e-books online” feature in the Google knowledge panel for books.   These first showed up for book related searches on Friday morning. Here is what [...] The SEM Post

Official Google Sandbox At YouTube

Search Engine Roundtable

Google Recipes In Search: Found In Related Search

Seems like Google is trying out a new search feature for recipe search results. Wendy Kirwan searched for [fleishig vegetable soup recipe, fleishig means meat... Search Engine Roundtable

Google: Going HTTPS vs Switching URL Structures Are Different

An interesting question came up during the Google webmaster hangout on YouTube Live this past Friday... Search Engine Roundtable

Google Testing Another News Card Styles in Desktop Search Results

Google is testing yet another card style in the Google desktop results for their “Top Stories” news related listings. This test is quite distinctive because it does have some mobile [...] The SEM Post

Google Rolling Out New Desktop Search Interface?

It looks like Google is starting to roll out the new desktop search interface we saw them testing a month or so ago. It might be Google just bumping up the people who see the test, but I am now even [...] Search Engine Roundtable

Google Maps Drops Outlining Local City Boundaries

The folks in the Google Maps Help forums and Local Search Forums are not happy that Google is no longer showing local boundaries in Google maps. Starting about a week ago, the boundaries lines [...] Search Engine Roundtable

Google AdWords Editor Is Not Available For Chromebook

If you want to use the Google AdWords editor, currently, it is only available for Windows computers or Apple computers. They also have iOS and Android apps but nothing for Google's own OS, [...] Search Engine Roundtable

Google’s New Card Style News Drops Local 3-Pack Lower in Search Results

Google is testing a new card style layout in the search results.  But those screenshots didn’t also show a local pack.  And for those site owners who appear in the local pack, this [...] The SEM Post

Have Google and Facebook become unwitting tools of extremism?

Google and Facebook are committed to "facts" and "progress" but The Guardian argues they may be helping to undermine both. Search Engine Land

Daily Search Forum Recap: December 5, 2016

Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today... Search Engine Roundtable

Beware: New Types of Referral Spam & How to Filter Them Out

Recently a new type of referral spam called language spam has sprouted up. Here's more about it and how to filter it from Google Analytics. Search Engine Journal

Bing Transforms Its Homepage into a Digital Advent Calendar for December

Bing is getting into the holiday spirit by transforming its home page into a digital advent calendar of sorts. Search Engine Journal

Google Updates Us On YouTube's Trending Algorithm

Yesterday... Search Engine Roundtable

A Google Carpet Square

Search Engine Roundtable