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VOL. III, No. 964 - Archive
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Google Image Search removes View Image button and Search by Image feature

After making a deal with Getty Images, Google has revamped some of their image search features and user experience. Search Engine Land

Google Announces Two Major Changes to Image Search

Google announces two disruptive changes to image search. Web publishers applaud the changes as helpful against content piracy. Impact may be widespread. Search Engine Journal

Making website speed and performance part of your SEO routine

Monitoring webpage performance is key to avoiding setbacks when algorithms change. Contributor Bobby Lyons points out ways to adapt everyday SEO activities so a website will thrive regardless of [...] Search Engine Land

Tracking the ROI of organic search for B2B

Contributor Janet Driscoll Miller explains how to calculate the revenue contribution of organic search and why it can be a more powerful metric than rankings alone. Search Engine Land

Instapage launches first landing page platform with AMP

The company is partnering with Google to lower loading times for mobile landing pages, because each second can increase the bounce rate by 20%. Search Engine Land

Google says 100+ ad networks support AMP, releases 3rd-party technology support

Real-Time Config component enables integrations with other technology partners such as data management platforms and server-side header bidding without impacting speed. Search Engine Land

Google announces AMP for Email – delivering Accelerated Mobile Pages experiences to your inbox

The new spec is available through the Gmail Developer Preview, with support in Gmail slated for later this year. Search Engine Land

Google Chrome Ad Blocker Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Google now has an ad blocker built into Chrome. Here’s everything you need to know about how it works. Search Engine Journal

What people get wrong about keyword cannibalization

Columnist Patrick Stox suggests SEOs should reconsider how they think about keyword cannibalization and look at it as an opportunity, not an issue. Search Engine Land

NY federal court decision threatens embedding and linking across the web

The judge's decision disregards existing law and if upheld could expose bloggers and publishers to potential copyright lawsuits. Search Engine Land

Google “People Also Search” Feature Updated

Google updated it's People Also Search For feature. It now moves around and shows up next to the unsatisfactory search result. Will this be used for quality control? Search Engine Journal

Invest in a killer PPC campaign by using these smart budget strategies

Contributor Jeff Baum discusses how allocating funds and developing smart budgets brings focus to your PPC campaigns and helps make them a success. Search Engine Land

Instagram is Showing Users When a Screenshot of Their Story is Taken

Instagram is now letting users know when someone has taken a screenshot or screen recording of their story. Search Engine Journal

A link-building case study: Using brand mentions and competitive linking tactics

Columnist Andrew Dennis walks through link-building tactics implemented on a new website, resulting in an increase in links and traffic. Search Engine Land

How to build a stronger, more effective PPC team

Contributor Frederick Vallaeys believes the PPC professionals with the strongest knowledge of paid search fundamentals will have the best opportunities for successful campaigns and solid career [...] Search Engine Land