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VOL. VII, No. 2393 - Archive
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IndexNow Enables Data Sharing Between Search Engines via @sejournal, @MattGSouthern

Microsoft is making the IndexNow protocol easier to implement by ensuring submitted URLs are simultaneously shared between search engines. Search Engine Journal

Google’s Help Documents Aren’t Always Up To Date via @sejournal, @MattGSouthern

Google admits its help documents aren't always up to date and says it's worthwhile doing your own research on recommended best practices. Search Engine Journal

NEW DuckDuckGo Reaches 100B Searches, But Growth Is Slowing Down via @sejournal, @MattGSouthern

DuckDuckGo celebrates a milestone of 100 billion total searches, but the search engine's year-over-year growth is slowing down. Search Engine Journal

What happened when we turned off AMP

We went into this experiment knowing there was some risk, but haven't seen anything to make us reconsider the move. Search Engine Land

Shopify chat bug lead (1) titles in Google’s search results

The issue is resolved but it might take time for your titles to be reprocessed. Search Engine Land

Survey Says SEOs To Allocate More Resources To Content Over Other Areas

Aleyda Solis posted a Twitter poll asking "in what area do you expect to allocate more resources/efforts in SEO this year?" She said you should base it on what you have planned so far. [...] Search Engine Roundtable

How to build a long-term, search-first marketing strategy

A transformed digital landscape means marketers must think search-first. Search Engine Land

NEW Google Ads bug again for Gmail on desktop Safari browsers

Google has confirmed a bug impacting how ads are served on Gmail desktop with Safari browsers. Search Engine Land

IndexNow: Announcing Sharing of Submitted URLs

Want more control over the content you publish to search engines? Want to have an easier process to submit URLs to search engines? Let us introduce that we enable data sharing between search engines, [...] Bing Webmaster

Google Search Showing (1) In Shopify Websites Titles

Most SEOs often look at titles tags when browsing web sites, I mean, I do, while the average person does not. So you've probably seen numbers in the tab bar representing an unread direct message [...] Search Engine Roundtable

IndexNow now officially co-sharing URLs between Microsoft Bing and Yandex

Plus, you can now use's endpoint to submit URLs. Search Engine Land

How to build a long-term, search-first marketing strategy

A transformed digital landscape means marketers must think search-first. Marketing Land

DuckDuckGo passes 100 billion searches

DuckDuckGo, the privacy focused search engine, keeps growing steadily. Search Engine Land

Learning to Route by Task for Efficient Inference

Posted by Sneha Kudugunta, Research Software Engineer and Orhan Firat, Research Scientist, Google Research Scaling large language models has resulted in significant quality improvements natural [...] Google Research

Google Local Search Results Grouping, Carousels & Count Labels

Google has been pushing the limits of its user interfaces in the local search results in web search and some of the other filters. I don't know or even think any of this has been rolled out recently [...] Search Engine Roundtable