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VOL. IX, No. 3245 - Archive
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Generative AI in Search: Let Google do the searching for you

We’re bringing AI Overviews to everyone in the U.S. and adding new gen AI experiences to take more of the legwork out of searching. Inside Search

NEW Google Reveals Two New Web Crawlers via @sejournal, @martinibuster

Google announces details of two new crawlers that are optimized for scraping images and videos for research and development purposes Search Engine Journal

10 powerful reasons to enter the Search Engine Land Awards

Boost company morale, attract new business, and take home the highest honor in search. Search Engine Land

SGE Is Here. Google Rolls Out AI-Powered Overviews To US Search Results via @sejournal, @MattGSouthern

Google rolls out AI-generated overviews to US search results, powered by a new Gemini model customized for search. Search Engine Journal

Continued Heated Google Search Ranking Volatility Through May 16th

I have been continuing to update the May 9th Google ranking volatility story, but it is super unusual to see such heated volatility for such a long period within the Google Search rankings. This [...] Search Engine Roundtable

Google AI Overviews = Theft? Court Ruling Sets Precedent via @sejournal, @MattGSouthern

Google's AI search overviews spark debate over fair use of web content, echoing recent French court rulings against tech giants. Search Engine Journal

Google Rolls Out New ‘Web’ Filter For Search Results via @sejournal, @MattGSouthern

Google introduces new "Web" filter for simplified, text-only search results. Search Engine Journal

New Google AI Overviews Documentation & SEO via @sejournal, @martinibuster

What Google's new AI Overviews documentation says that SEOs and publishers need to know Search Engine Journal

Remove Your Content From Google's AI Overviews

When Google announced it is rolling out AI Overviews in the US search results and last year when Google launched SGE in labs, SEOs and content creators wanted to know how to prevent their content [...] Search Engine Roundtable

NEW Why advertisers can no longer trust Google

Trust in Google has absolutely collapsed in the wake of revelations from the DOJ antitrust trial. Eleven advertisers told us why. Search Engine Land

Google rolls out AI Overviews in US with more countries coming soon

AI Overview link cards get a higher click through rate than normal web search results but Google won't break out click data in Search Consoles for content creators. Search Engine Land

Google: Sites Hit By Helpful Content Update Could See Improvements With Next Core Update If...

Google's John Mueller was asked when can a site expect to recover from the September 2023 helpful content update, assuming the site took all measures to "fix" their site. John Mueller said [...] Search Engine Roundtable

Many Searchers Want To Turn Off Google AI Overviews

There are many searchers who have been using Google daily that are heading to the Google Web Search Help forums to ask how they can turn off the new AI Overviews within the Google Search results. As [...] Search Engine Roundtable

Google AI Overviews Launch In US Search Results

Google, as expected, has officially launched AI Overviews in the US and will expand the launch to other countries by the end of this year. AI Overviews were in Search Labs under the Search [...] Search Engine Roundtable

NEW TikTok now testing 60-minute video uploads

We may soon know whether TikTok users actually want hour-long videos. Could this lead to more advertising? Search Engine Land