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VOL. IX, No. 3015 - Archive
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Microsoft blames Google for Apple rejecting offer to buy Bing

Microsoft boss Mikhail Parakhin claims that despite offering more money than Google, the company was still turned down by Apple. Search Engine Land

26% of the top 100 websites are now blocking GPTBot

The number of popular websites blocking ChatGPT has increased 250% in the past month. Pinterest, Indeed and more big brands now block GPTBot. Search Engine Land

The latest jobs in search marketing

Land your next job in SEO or PPC. These brands and agencies are hiring to fill open search marketing positions right now. Search Engine Land

5 useful GA4 dashboards for local SEO

Wondering where to go in GA4 to gather local SEO insights? These dashboards are key to developing an effective strategy. Search Engine Land

Google Launches “SEO Made Easy” YouTube Series via @sejournal, @MattGSouthern

Google launches "SEO Made Easy" YouTube series, providing practical tips to optimize websites for better search engine performance. Search Engine Journal

Meta AI assistant uses Microsoft Bing Search results

Whenever a request requires fresh information, Meta's conversational assistant will ask Microsoft Bing to get the chat answer. Search Engine Land

5 SEO content strategy considerations for 2024 and beyond

Excel in the evolving search landscape and boost your brand's visibility on diverse platforms by following these SEO and content tips. Search Engine Land

Google September 2023 helpful content is now done rolling out

This update kicked off on September 14 and took 14 days to roll out. Search Engine Land

YouTube rolls out video view campaigns globally

VVCs help advertisers achieve 40% more views on average than in-stream skippable CPV campaigns, according to Google. Search Engine Land

Reminder – Google Optimize sunsets this weekend

Marketers will need to conduct A/B testing in Google Analytics 4 moving forward. Search Engine Land

Understanding explicit vs. implicit searches: The key to dominating local SEO

Here's how understanding the nuances between these search types can elevate your local search strategy and help drive better leads. Search Engine Land

What to do when performance tanks in PPC

Is your PPC performing poorly? Learn how to troubleshoot and turn things around with practical strategies and checkpoints. Search Engine Land

Google introduces Google-Extended to let you block Bard, Vertex AI via robots.txt

You can now prevent Bard and VertexAI from from accessing your website, or parts of it, by blocking Google-Extended in robots.txt. Search Engine Land

How to communicate Google core updates to executives

Take control of the conversation and drive your SEO strategy forward with proactive communication during Google updates. Search Engine Land

Google Search Generative Experience adds About this result feature

Google will soon add the About this result feature for individual links that are included in SGE responses. Search Engine Land