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VOL. VI, No. 2120 - Archive
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Google Lightning Talks: The State of SEO via @sejournal, @MattGSouthern

A video in Google’s Lightning Talks series, titled the state of web search engine optimization, presents data on how websites are following standard SEO practices. Search Engine Journal

Google Answers: Is this Cloaking? via @sejournal, @martinibuster

John Mueller explains why it's okay to block Google from seeing certain things on a web page Search Engine Journal

Countries with Slow Internet Can Affect Core Web Vitals Scores via @sejournal, @martinibuster

Google's John Mueller discusses Core Web Vitals calculations for sites with users from slow Internet countries Search Engine Journal

Google Research Paper Reveals a Shortcoming in Search via @sejournal, @martinibuster

New research highlights a little known area of information retrieval that Google hasn't quite succeeded in. Search Engine Journal

The search dilemma: looking beyond Google’s third-party cookie death

The ad tech and search industry are precarious that Google will use this as a new way to establish market dominance that feeds its own interests. Google expert, Susan Dolan details on the current [...] Search Engine Watch

Google Ads to roll out dynamic exclusion lists in coming weeks

Dynamic exclusion lists can make it easier for your brand to avoid showing near unwanted content while requiring less of the advertiser's time and attention ongoing. Search Engine Land

One-star ratings on Google are deemed not defamatory and why that’s a problem

It's crucial to have a solid review management strategy in place and for local SEOs to manage SMB expectations around review removal. Search Engine Land

Google Says Cache View Is An Unmaintained Legacy Feature

Google's Martin Splitt said something we all know to be true for a while now, he said on Twitter that the "cached view is a basically unmaintained legacy feature." I asked Martin if he is [...] Search Engine Roundtable

Conversion modeling through Consent Mode in Google Ads

Last year, we introduced Consent Mode , a beta feature to help advertisers operating in the European Economic Area and the United Kingdom take a privacy-first approach to digital marketing. When a [...] Inside Adwords

Automation isn’t about what machines can do for you, it’s about what you can do together

Automation puts new capabilities at our fingertips, but success will remain out of reach if you don’t take an active role in guiding those advancements. Search Engine Land

Schwartz Wrote A Book On SEO

Search Engine Roundtable

Wrong Dates In Google Search Results Does Not Imply Site Quality Issues

Google can show the wrong date in the search results snippets. We've covered this topic numerous times over multiple dates and times. But one aspect we did not cover is that when Google does this, [...] Search Engine Roundtable

Google: User Generate Content Products Reviews Will Have A Hard Time Ranking Well

Google's John Mueller implied that since the product reviews update has been rolled out, it will be hard for user generated content generated product reviews to rank well in Google Search. John said [...] Search Engine Roundtable

Google Ads Dynamic Exclusion Lists Coming Soon

Google announced it will be rolling out in the coming weeks dynamic exclusion lists within Google Ads. Dynamic exclusion lists let you potentially automate the process of blocking your ads from [...] Search Engine Roundtable

Google Ads Insights Page Available To All

After several months of teasing and testing and rolling out betas, the new Insights page is now available to all Google Ads advertisers no matter where on the planet they live. Google said that [...] Search Engine Roundtable