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VOL. IX, No. 3160 - Archive
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What should Google rank in Search when all the content sucks?

It's always easy to blame Google when your content doesn't rank. But maybe – just maybe – the problem isn't Google. It's you. Search Engine Land

Article complaining about being outranked on Google being outranked by Reddit

Google responds that it wants to do better with ranking smaller sites amongst larger sites, only to see that article being outranked by a larger site. Search Engine Land

How to improve and monitor Interaction to Next Paint by DebugBear

What you need to know about Interaction to Next Paint, Google’s new Core Web Vitals metric. Search Engine Land

10 reasons to invest in an SMX Master Class

Actionable training, live Q&A, free on-demand access, a personalized certificate of completion... it's all yours at the SMX Master Classes. Search Engine Land

Video search optimization: Top tips for 2024

Learn the pros and cons of YouTube vs. self-hosted videos for SEO and ways to maximize the impact of your video content. Search Engine Land

Google wants you to label AI-generated images used in Merchant Center

"Don't remove embedded metadata tags such as trainedAlgorithmicMedia from such images," Google wrote. Search Engine Land

Local search in 2024: Key trends and tactics for marketers

Location-based businesses must focus on five areas – discovery, relevancy, experience, engagement and conversions – to drive impact today. Search Engine Land

Google Analytics 4 bug causes data gaps in reports

Data is missing in User Acquisition and Traffic Acquisition reports, specifically for dates before September 6. Search Engine Land

Integrating SEO into the multichannel customer journey

Discover how strategically integrating SEO into multichannel marketing builds brand visibility and delivers a seamless customer experience. Search Engine Land

Will traffic from search engines fall 25% by 2026?

Gartner is predicting that users will seek answers from generative AI tools like ChatGPT and Claude rather than Google Search. Search Engine Land

SEO strategy: 3 steps to strategic SEO planning

A simple three-step process for creating an SEO strategy for 2024. Learn strategic approaches to stand out from the crowd and rank highly. Search Engine Land

YouTube Analytics now shows top-earning Shorts, Videos on Demand, and Lives

Creators can utilize this data to make informed decisions about how to best optimize future content. Search Engine Land

Who won: Measuring the most effective Super Bowl 2024 Ads

Learn the top Super Bowl ads according to metrics like emotional impact, brand awareness, and engaged-view conversions. Search Engine Land

9 of the best custom GPTs for SEO in the GPT store

Explore useful ChatGPT plugins available in the new GPT Store, designed for SEO tasks like content optimization, keyword analysis, and more. Search Engine Land

NEW Location targeting in Google Ads: Balancing automation and control

Learn when to let Google's algorithms determine location targeting vs. setting specific geo-targets based on key considerations. Search Engine Land