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VOL. VII, No. 2310 - Archive
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Google Offers a Definition of Quality Content via @sejournal, @martinibuster

Google's John Mueller offered a definition of what quality content means that is surprisingly different than what is commonly understood Search Engine Journal

Does Content or Links Improve Trust with Google? via @sejournal, @martinibuster

Google's John Mueller pops the bubble on the idea that trust factors or trust metrics are used by Google Search Engine Journal

NEW Google Doesn’t Care What’s In An Image via @sejournal, @MattGSouthern

Google’s web search algorithm doesn’t care what’s in an image. All that matters is it’s marked up with the correct structured data. Search Engine Journal

Google throttled AMP page speeds, created format to hamper header bidding, antitrust complaint claims

Recently unredacted sections of the complaint paint a damning picture of Google's motivations that, if true, could erode any trust it has left with publishers. Search Engine Land

Search Analytics API now supports Discover, Google News, and Regex

The Google Search Analytics API, which already provides data about Search performance, is being updated to also include Discover and Google News data. Site owners that have this type of traffic [...] Google Webmaster Central

Google Search Console Search Analytics API gains Discover, News and Regex

This data and the features were already in the web interface but now they are also available in the API. Search Engine Land

Navigating Google’s title changes: The rollout, what’s happening now and what you can do about it

SEOs share their experiences with Google’s new system for generating title links and what they’re doing to keep their titles intact. Search Engine Land

Google: We Don't Classify Sites By Technology Platform Or Infrastructure

Google's John Mueller said that the search engine does not classify the type of site you are based on the technology platform or infrastructure it uses. So if you use WordPress for your site, it [...] Search Engine Roundtable

Google: Trust Is Not A Matter Of Just Links Pointing To A Site

Google's John Mueller said that when it comes to Google trusting a website, "when it comes to trust it's definitely not a matter of just links that are pointing at a website." He first [...] Search Engine Roundtable

NEW Makes you miss the ‘Don’t be evil’ days; Tuesday’s daily brief

Plus, Facebook's aging user base and what it means for advertisers. Search Engine Land

Don’t miss out on expert-led search marketing training at SMX

What are you waiting for? You and your career deserve this. Search Engine Land

Google: We Don't Hard Code YMYL Categories Into Our Algorithm

Google's John Mueller was asked if energy supply types of websites would fall into the YMYL, your money - your life, category and thus have to hold to a higher standard for E-A-T concepts. John [...] Search Engine Roundtable

NEW Google Search Console API Gains Discover & Google News Data With Regex Support

Google added to the Search Console Search Analytics API Discover and Google News data that it added to the web interface earlier this year. Google also added support for Regex with the query and page [...] Search Engine Roundtable

NEW Google Search Console Impressions Report and Continuous Scroll SERPs via @sejournal, @martinibuster

Google's John Mueller assessed how Search Console Impressions Reports may change because of the new Infinite Scroll Search Results Search Engine Journal

Google Ads 3 Strike Bowling Automation For Removing Violating Ads

Google, the other week, announced a new simple Python script that lets advertisers with many keywords and ads simplify the tracking and removal of ad violations that might lead to more serious [...] Search Engine Roundtable